Its name is of Arabic origin and indicates the existence of a fortress. There was already in the X century and was used by the Banu Qasi occupying Lleida, Barbastro, Monzon and Balaguer. It is located between mountains north of Monsoon and the town of Calasanz sits on a rocky surface. Its origin comes from the castle occupied a high rock, long and narrow, whose hillside hamlet is grouped: Calat-Sany or Calat-Sancti (Castillo del Santo). In many streets, quaint and evocative, seems to have been dammed medieval times. It has three temples: the parish dedicated to San Cipriano, old mosque; the shrine of the Virgin of Ganza, and the monastic St. Bartholomew, on top of the castle, surviving among the ruins.

Our house dates back to the 1700s, and has a long, rich history. With over 1200 m2, and modern and comfortable facilities, and a wide variety of services, we have prepared for you the ideal place to relax, to discover new places, adventure sports, cycling, trekking, hiking trails and field / or mountain to marvel at its exquisite variety of flora and fauna of this region. Litter, rich in forests and fields of different natures which the vines that have given life to the different existing wineries in the area and then creating the appellation of Somontano predominate.