The traditional festivities are celebrated for San Cipriano (September 16). Currently it is celebrated during the weekend before or after this date week, a popular food where he is attending a large number of people.

Between 50’s and 80’s a strong migration occurs in the villa. This made for dates Calasanz pattern (San Cipriano – September 17) the number of inhabitants in the population was greatly reduced. In 1978 the local youth decided to establish the festival for the month of August, taking advantage of these dates, during the summer, all the (natural of Calasanz) internodes gathered for one reason or another had to emigrate, and the population increased considerably.

Since then, every year takes place during the first weekend of August, the Festival of Calasanz. The date of the celebration may vary depending weekend of festivities around the villages (not to agree on dates) and duration used to be 4 or 5 days depending on the activities organized by the Commission parties.

During four days the Festival Committee (formed by local young people themselves) organizes activities for all age ranges. More traditional activities include:

  • Popular dinner
  • Dances every day with afternoon and evening sessions
  • Round musician of Jota
  • Games for children
  • Trophy guiñote
  • Palitrocs Trophy (palistrocs / palistroques)

Other activities that have been carried out according to the festival program are:

* Football game * Competition skeet * * Karaoke Contest tortillas Hikes
* Exhibitions * Lunch or snacks popular Gymkhana * * * Variety Magazine Show de Magia

Other festivities held in the villa are:

– August 24 (St. Bartholomew); visit the shrine of the same name exists in the top of the hill where the urban area is locked, and a mass in celebration takes place.

– Easter Monday; they visit the shrine of Our Lady of Ganza and celebrated a Mass there. Taking advantage of low many neighbors is shared between people and coca wine and draw a Mona Easter is performed.